Friday, 27 April Sew-in

What a Friday night! We had a fantastic turn-out at our last sew-in – probably one of the bigger turnouts we’ve had for a Friday night. We sewed and chatted and sewed and chatted and sewed….

We also made some announcements. Here’s a recap if you weren’t able to make the sew-in:

  • We are planning a Pacific Northwest Meetup with the MQGs in Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC. The Seattle MQG will be hosting here in Seattle the weekend of August 10-12. Stay tuned for more details for this very exciting event!
  • The Seattle MQG Exhibition is coming up. The deadline for submitting quilts and/or projects is Monday, June 18, 2012. Please see our Exhibition page for all of the details.
  • We are also planning a weekend quilting retreat in October. (Thanks, Sandie, for organizing this event!) Again, stay tuned for all of the details for another exciting quilty weekend!
  • While we’ve been so fortunate to have Sue schedule our sew-ins and continually volunteer her time so we can have a free sew-in space, it is time we begin to look for other potential venues. We are able to continue our scheduled sew-ins but we are soon growing too big for our space! Please keep an eye out for potential (low-cost) venues with a lot of outlets.

As always, if you have any questions about upcoming events feel free to email me (Season) at seattlemodernquiltguild at gmail dot com or post a question on our shutterfly site.

Here are some photos from Friday’s sew-in:

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