Luke Haynes: The American Context

The work of Luke Haynes brings to mind so many questions – the good kind – the kind that make you talk not only about the work itself but the artform: is it traditional or modern? is it art or craft? or both? And, my favorite, how does he do that? But, whatever side of these questions you find yourself, it is hard to deny the clear genius in his concepts.

Some of his quilts feature pop culture icons such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Jay-Z + Kanye, Benjamin Franklin (see below), dollar bills, even self-portraits, often appliqued upon traditional blocks. This juxtaposition has a sensibility that is truly, well, American.

(picture courtesy of Luke Haynes)

Not only that, they are beautiful. Check out the flickr page to get a true sense of his New York show, The American Context, or his blog for the breadth of his work.

Fortunately, for us, he is back on the West Coast and will have two shows in the Seattle area this fall: one at Foster White Gallery in September and another at the Bellevue Arts Museum in October. Make sure to mark your calendars for these upcoming events!

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