Supply list for PNW Meet-up (Updated)

I know there have bee some questions regarding the supply list for the Pacific Northwest Meet-up next weekend (August 10-12). We are planning on making a few quilt tops using different patterns. A lot of fabric has been generously donated by Robert Kaufman; however, we still need everyone to bring a few scraps of fabric from their stash:

For Cross Quilts:

2 or more 2.25″ strips of fabric cut selvedge to selvedge
2 or more 2″ strips of fabric cut selvedge to selvedge

For Stitch and Flip Triangle Quilts:

Gallon size zip lock bag filled with approx. 3″ x 4″ scraps

Optional Tools:

Some basic sewing tools if you have them. Rotary cutter, 4.5″ and/or 5.5″ square templates, small quilting rulers and scissors. *Remember to mark your tools with your name. It’s going to be a large group!

As for the colors, whatever works (boy fabrics are good and in demand, too!).

Feel free to write (seattlemodernquiltguild at gmail dot com) or post to the shutterfly site if you have any questions (there’s a thread for the meet-up).

We’re looking forward to this exciting weekend!

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