14 January 2013 General Meeting Minutes

We accomplished a lot at our January General Meeting – thank you to all who organized and attended.

Our two VERY BIG agenda items were:

vote on our by-laws – hooray, we are now incorporated with the state of Washington as a non-profit organization –


elect an executive board.

Here are the results:

PRESIDENT: Katie Pedersen
SECRETARY: Becca Jubie
TREASURER: Patricia Curry

(Sandie, Patricia, Katie, Chandra, Becca)

(Sandie, Patricia, Katie, Chandra, Becca)

(A big ‘thank you’ to the board for accepting the nominations!)

We also voted on dues, which were set at $25. The details of memberships, i.e. payment and registering, to come.

For the rest of the meeting details: The minutes are up! Please click here to read/download a copy of the minutes.

Finally for the fun part, not that the business wasn’t fun. 😉 Here are a few shots from Show and Tell.

Patricia's rag quilt

Patricia’s rag quilt

The SMQG charity quilt for QuiltCon.

The SMQG charity quilt for QuiltCon

(A very special and HUGE thanks to Andi and Marissa for putting together this beautiful charity quilt.)

Ara Jane's triangle quilt

Ara Jane’s triangle quilt

Amber's wonky nine patch quilt

Amber’s wonky nine patch quilt

A quilt by Emily from her new book: Color, Block, & Quilt

A quilt by Emily from her new book: Color, Block, & Quilt

REMINDER: Our next general meeting is 11 February 2013. Check the blog for all of the details. We hope to see you there. There will be another Show and Tell – can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

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