For your review…

The board is still working on our documentation as an organized non-profit. Out next item for discussion is our standing rules documentation. Please review this document (which can be found on our Big Tent site under “Files” or you can download them here).

Also, please note that our meeting minutes are also posted to Big Tent under “Files” and here on our website under the Meetings page.

We appreciate your time and participation. We can’t be an organization without you! As always, let us know if you have any questions.

4 responses to “For your review…

  1. I would suggest have a half year membership for NEW members. Someone night be more willing to join in Sept @ a discounted rate than @ the full rate. They may not still be interested in joining in Jan. Only have the half dues for New members not for members who did not bother to pay their dues in a timely fashion.

    • Actually for 5 other guilds in our area I checked only 2 charge more than our dues ($40 & $35) Those and at least one other offer reduced membership if joining in the middle of the year. Either way it is fine with me. I was just making a suggestion.

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