Scenes from a sew-in

There was a great turn out at the sew in at QuiltWorks NW last Sunday. Thank you to everyone who could make it. If you couldn’t make it out, here are a few pictures from the day.

All pictures courtesy of Andi.

SMQGAprilSewIn_people 1

SMQGAprilSewIn_fabric 4

SMQGAprilSewIn_challenge 2

SMQGAprilSewIn_challenge 1

SMQGAprilSewIn_progress 8

SMQGAprilSewIn_progress 6

SMQGAprilSewIn_hands 3

SMQGAprilSewIn_handquilt 3


Oh boy, there are so many great pictures. Check out our flickr page for even more photos.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Andi for the beautiful photos and for taking time out of the sew in to take them.

One response to “Scenes from a sew-in

  1. Andi, our “in-house” photographer along with Martha and they are amazing!! our projects look even better thru their lens’. thanks so much Andi for the sew-in “shoot” sunday. It was a fun afternoon for those who could make it, big thanks!!!

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