To Boston with Love (from the Seattle MQG)

I’m sure many of you have seen the “To Boston with Love” project started by the Vancouver MQG. If you’d like to participate, I’ll be collecting flags and sending them on behalf of the Seattle MQG.

The flags are so easy to make, but it’s important you follow the instructions as written. All the info can be found here:

There are additional links, tutorials and inspiration to be found on their blog:

A Flickr group (of course!):

And an IG hashtag: #tobostonwithlove

The deadline for all the flags to BE in Boston is 5/21. To be safe, and keep things simple, please have your flags to me by 5/13. I’ll be at the sew-in on the 11th (late in the day, so feel free to leave it if you’re coming earlier), and at the meeting on the 13th.

If you do plan to participate, drop me a response here or on the BigTent discussion board so I can get a general number to Berene for their planning.

Thank you!


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