Get Involved in Making the Clothworks Charity Quilt this Saturday (TODAY!)

A Work in Progress

The Clothworks Charity Quilt Challenge is coming together quite nicely, but there is still a lot more work to be done! Please come sew with us this Saturday September 28,2013 from 10AM until 5PM. The group will be meeting at a new sew-in location, 2100 24th Ave S #200, Seattle, WA. You can stop in at ANY point during this drizzly, cozy Saturday for some relaxing quilting time.

Click the words Google Maps to be connected to a link that shows the directions and information about the new location.

Brainstorming a good lay out during a previous sew-in

Here are a few tips and tricks about the new location:

  • Parking – Can be found on the street, in the alley behind the building as well as on the surface-level of the garage found behind the building.
  • Projects – There will be lots of space it sounds like in office rooms so perhaps bring your own quilt to lay out and take advantage of the space!
  • Getting Inside – the entrance is on 24th. Sewing will be done on the 3rd Floor
  • Getting Hungry?! – The majority of the food options in the area are fast food chains including Subway, Wendy’s, Taco Time and a Burger King. So either bring a few dollars, pack a lunch or bring something to share!
  • Bonus Feature – There will be carts in the lobby to help you haul your precious cargo upstairs to the 3rd floor!! How cool is that?! 🙂


Martha P. sewing up a storm with the charity blocks lay-out in the background.

Hope to see you at the sew-in! Remember dropping in at any point is completely fine. If you need contact information or would like to RSVP to this event you can find information at our Big Tent site of course! Happy sewing this weekend!

Our October meeting is also coming up soon as well. Look for posts and updates on fun fall events to come via big tent, Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Blog, and our Facebook page!

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