Retreat Update

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Hope it was full of family and yummy food.  Maybe you got in some shopping or football. Or, even better, maybe you spent quality creative time in your quilting space.

The retreat committee has their act together (unlike this blogger) and has two swaps and a mini improv round robin planned for us. Woot!  And because they’re so organized, they’ve got a update for us with all the details so we can get started.  And there’s a packing list, too!  Get your copy here.

Isn’t our retreat committee the greatest? Thanks ladies!

7 responses to “Retreat Update

  1. Martha, can you edit the document to let people know they need to contact Louise (and not me) if they want to be on the quilted gifts pinterest board? Thanks!

    • Oops, that what I get for reading replies on my phone. We won’t be working on PNW MQG Meetup at the Holiday party/sew-in on Saturday. We’ve got Christmas presents and Binary Challenge quilts to finish!

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