Binary Two Color Challenge Quilt Label

Hey everyone,

I saw a question asking what information should be on your Binary Two Color Challenge quilt label and realized that information was not defined anywhere.  Sorry about that!

Anyway….label your quilt with your name, the title of the quilt, your home address, and phone number.  Minimally, your quilt should be labeled with enough information so that it can be returned to you.  Permanently attach the label to your quilt.  You can piece it in, applique it, fuse it or even write on the back of your quilt.

Quilt historians give you bonus points for including even more information like your inspiration, why you made the quilt, when you made the quilt, or who it is for. Just sayin’.

Also, in case you missed it in the earlier post, HERE is the form needed for your quilt to be shown.

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