Two Bits of News


Who opened their email this morning and nearly shouted “yee haw” out loud after reading the news from the Modern Quilting Guild? If you missed it, QuiltCon 2015 dates and keynotes (Gee’s Bend!!!) were announced.  From the traffic on Facebook and Instagram today, it looks like nearly everyone heard.  It’s surprising that the servers didn’t overload.  It was a crazy day out there in quilty social media.


The other big news is that are we now on Instagram!  About time, right?  Follow us as seattlemqg.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!


One response to “Two Bits of News

  1. Thanks for posting this Martha, it will help any new members, or those not yet on the MQG site to stay on top of what’s happening. We have new members who will have the opportunity to join in the excitement!

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