Low Volume Fabric Swap

Shhhhh…..it’s quiet time….

We’re swapping 10-inch squares of low-volume fabrics at the August Seattle MQG meeting.

What are low-volume fabrics? They’re the quiet, unheralded workhorses of many modern quilts and are usually a white or light-colored neutral with a small scale print on it.

Just part of Amber’s low volume stash

Here’s what some members are doing with low volume fabrics:

Miss Solveig's Quilt made by Seattle MQG members

Miss Solveig’s Quilt made by Seattle MQG members

A few of Amber's log cabin blocks spotted at a Sew-In

A few of Amber’s log cabin blocks spotted at a Sew-In

Wanna play? Here’s how:

  • Cut ten 10-inch x 10-inch squares of quilt shop quality low volume fabrics. Please, no white-on-whites
  • Put no more than two duplicates of any fabric in your pack. For example, you can put in ten different prints or two each of five different prints or a combination between the two extremes
  • Put your ten 10-inch squares in a gallon plastic zip bag or similar thing which will keep the fabric nice and flat
  • Bring up to five packets to the August meeting. You take home as many packets as you bring
  • At the meeting, see the swap coordinator to drop off your packets and get your pick numbers
  • Can’t be at the August meeting? Send your packets with a trusted quilty bud and we’ll pick for you

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