Quilting Book Swap


when: general meeting, wednesday, november 12th, 7:00pm

where: greenwood senior center

what: tired of your sewing/quilting books and want some new inspiration? bring as many books as you would like to swap to the meeting and receive the same number in return. the books should be quilting specific, or sewing books with some kind of quilting-related material in them. please bring books that you feel would appeal to a modern quilter and are in decent condition (e.g. no pages falling out, missing bindings, etc.), though some wear and tear is fine. please no general craft books, books completely unrelated to quilting, or magazines.

how: you will receive as many numbers as the number of books you bring in (numbers randomly assigned). bring in a maximum of three books and you will receive a randomly assigned number for every book you bring. when your number is called you will pick one book from the selection. everyone who participates will go home with books and no book will be left behind!

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