April 2015 BOM

This month we are taking it easy with a simple border from Allison. Clicking the tutorial below will take you to a pdf printable if you’d like to print or save it.  Make sure you use the #SeaMQGBOM hashtag when posting your progress online. There are already some great BOMs in progress on instagram.

seamqgbom april


6 responses to “April 2015 BOM

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  2. Though I have yet to make the block of the month, I REALLY appreciate all your hard work on choosing these blocks/borders and love what youre choosing!


  3. Should this border be 3″ wide, in order to get the 31.5″ finished square? I’ve had trouble with every border (sigh) and even the “simple” one is confounding me! LOL— What am I missing on this one?

    • Hi Laurel! Sorry you’re having so much trouble! You’re adding 2″ to each side, which comes down to 1.5″ once you account for the seam allowance for a total of 3″ more. Make sense?

  4. Thanks, Allison! I think I’m having my own personal “block of the month”—it’s called MENTAL BLOCK! I’m making everything SO HARD for myself, for no reason. This has been such a good exercise for me, thanks for shepherding it (and me!) along.

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