September 2015 BOM


We’ve made it to the end! If you’re following along, this is our last official border for this year’s Seattle MQG BOM. The last 3 months will be full of great resources for finishing that baby up so it can be put to good use. Our final border has been designed by Deborah Christenson with a little improv in mind. Click any of the pictures below to be taken to a PDF you can download or print out. Make sure you thank Yeechi for putting together these fantastic printables for us all year! She might just have a little more up her sleeve too.

Have you been keeping up with us? We would love to see your progress (or double progress as the case may be for some…) on IG, FB, or Flickr with #SeaMQGBOM. It has been so cool to see all the different versions coming together. We are going to have a pretty cool sew-n-tell at the end of the year with these.

If you have been thinking about making one but have not started yet and are having a tough time deciding on colors, did you know there’s an easy way to audition colors with Microsoft Paint? Just save the above coloring page to your computer and then open it up in Paint. You can then use the paintbrush to color in all the sections! It’s not perfect with the pixelization but it will give you a pretty good idea of your final quilt.


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