October 2015 BOM

We are fortunate to have many talented members in our midst, one of whom is Debbie J. of A Quilter’s Table. Debbie is known amongst us at being a very talented and prolific quilter as you can see on her blog and instagram. We love when Debbie brings her work in to show us what she’s been working on! She’s been featured on several popular sewing blogs and we were thrilled when she agreed to help us finish up the year with a few round-ups of tutorials to finish your Seattle MQG medallion quilts. She will be covering quilt backs and basting this month, quilting in November, and binding and labeling in December. Without further ado, here’s Debbie.

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So it’s time to start thinking about finishing up our BOM medallion quilts since the last border was posted in September. Here’s a little round up to get you going!

Heather/The Sewing Loft‘s Learn How to Square a Quilt has some helpful photos and tips on squaring your quilt, whether you do it before or after quilting or both.

If you’re wanting to make a basic quilt backing with 1 length of fabric, consider Angela/Cut to Pieces‘ Quilt Tip for Quilt Backings, and it just might save you some frustration.

If you’re going for a pieced back, take inspiration from these . . .

Lee/Freshly Pieced made “Twin Quilts for Twin Girls” with paper-pieced blocks from her Vintage Quilt Revival, but what if you recreated your medallion’s center block and then surrounded it with negative space?

BGelhausen on flickr made this beautiful “Christy’s Quilt Back”. Envision a back for our medallion quilts echoing some of the elements on the front, mixed amongst those solids – wonky triangles, Raspberry Kiss blocks, flying geese – or a unique element you added to your own quilt.

A more minimalist medallion such as Beth/plum and june created would be an awesome backing! Again, plenty of solid negative space with a few shapes from the front pieced in.

As for basting that quilt – choose your method!

Amanda Jean/crazy mom quilts shows us Pin Basting.

If you’re up for Spray Basting, Lindsay/Lindsay Sews shares a handy tutorial on Craftsy.

Or if you like the slow sewing movement, consider Thread Basting with the help of Purl Soho.

There are plenty more ideas for creatively pieced backs in this Quilt Backs Pinterest group. No matter what you decide, let’s work at making progress on our 2015 BOM medallion quilts, and be sure and share on Instagram with hashtag #seamqgbom!

3 responses to “October 2015 BOM

  1. I love thread basting on my dining room table using this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyaLsMafElo
    · keeps quilt sandwich free of dog hair (I have two bbds)
    · don’t have to spend time on my hands and knees
    · a little more time intensive?
    · getting 84″ baseboards home was a fun experience, but doable. (They store in my laundry room when not in use)

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