2016 Board Elections and Nominations

At our November meeting, we will be having our 2016 Board elections. Our Nominating committee (thank you Michelle H and Ruth E!) has posted the nomination and election process on our MQG site group (login required). If you are interesting in serving on the board, please contact the committee at the email listed in the MQG site post by 12:00 midnight (Pacific time) October 31. Even if you have expressed an interest and think the committee knows you want to stand for election, please contact them again to make it official.

All nominees will be posted November 1 on our MQG site group.

One response to “2016 Board Elections and Nominations

  1. Hi! My name is Karen O’Connor aka Lady K Quilts, and I am a candidate for the Membership VP position for the Seattle MQG. Though I am new to the area and the Seattle guild, I am not new to the MQG itself. Having been an individual member for two years before moving here, and a proud online supporter and cheerleader for the guild and it’s purposes, I want to step up my involvement and help welcome and work with the members, new and old, of the Seattle MQG. What better way to get to know you all than as your Memebership VP. I hope you will consider me. I am excited about the future of our guild and experiencing it with you! – See more at: https://community.themodernquiltguild.com/groups/2016-seattle-modern-quilt-guild-election-board-members#.dpuf

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