December 2015 BOM

It’s been quite an adventure with our BOM quilts and I bet you thought I forgot to post our final installment… and you would be correct. Sorry to those of you who have been waiting for this final 2015 BOM post! Debbie has had it ready and I completely forgot to post it – let’s blame that on the holiday craziness. Anyhow, here at the end of the year Debbie / A Quilters Table has put together another fantastic collection of methods and techniques to help you finish up those quilts – whether they are your 2015 BOM or another quilt you’ve been working on. We’d love to see your finished BOM quilts at the January meeting if you’ve been following along! I’m off to check out some of these binding tutorials for another quilt now… Take it away Debbie!

* * * *

Now that we’ve mulled over quilt backs and basting and considered a quilting plan for our medallion quilts, it’s time to face the final steps – binding and labeling. 

You probably have your favorite basic binding method, but Leanne/she can quilt has a helpful post that covers both hand and machine stitched binding if  you haven’t already tried both ways.

A faced or knife-edged binding is a nice consideration for some quilts, and I really like using this tutorial by Anita/Bloomin’ Workshop.

If you prefer a faced binding with mitered corners, I also recommend this tutorial by Elizabeth/OPQuilt. I’ve used both methods, have had good success with each, and find the 2 styles basically a matter of preference.

Faced Binding--back

Ellyn/ellyn’s place has a great tutorial for two-toned binding, another consideration for a unique finish.

Now on to labeling! Always a good idea, right?

Our own Sandy/Sleep Owl Studio has shared her method for hand-written labels, sewn right into the corner of your quilt. (Random fact: Sandy’s tutorial is consistently my MOST pinned item on Pinterest.)

If you want to do something more, and make a supply of labels while you’re at it, consider Kelsey/Lovely and Enough‘s DIY Professional Quilt Labels

And if you really want a hand-stitched look, why not try Sarah/FairyFace DesignsHand Embroidery tutorial.

Caroline/sewcanshe also has some quilt label printables available for download, if that’s more your style.

So there’s a few ideas for you! There are even more in my Quilt Binding Tutorials and Quilt Labels pin boards, and there’s also the SMQG quilt finish round-up board if you’d like to peruse all the techniques I’ve shared for the SMQG 2015 BOM. So go at it! I can’t wait to see your finished quilts!

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