April Giving Committee Quilt Blocks

First off, a big thanks to everyone that contributed blocks to the black and white Quarter Log Cabin that is being put together as we speak! It’s going to be great!

Next up, our next Giving Committee quilt! X Marks the Improv!


image via A Quilter’s Table

This block was designed by Debbie, originally for her do.Good Stitches Group. But we love it so much we thought we needed to do it for our Giving Committee as well. You might recognize it from the blogging world! Her original quilt was done in blues with different color accents, but we’re switching things up and doing it in reds with yellow accents.


We will follow the tutorial she made on her blog for the blocks. For the block we are asking that you:

  1. Make blocks that measure 12.5 inches by 24.5 inches. That should be the size they are when you hand them over. These dimensions includes seam allowances.
  2. Use your own stash.
  3. Please keep the fabric solids.
  4. Like I mentioned above, we’re doing reds with yellow accents.
  5. Please return blocks at the May meeting.
  6. Feel free to make 1 or as many as you like!


The size might seem daunting, but it’s not time consuming! I made my block in about an hour. I can’t wait to see how our guild pulls this one together. It’s going to be fantastic! Thank you!

3 responses to “April Giving Committee Quilt Blocks

  1. I’m in! I’ve seen this block in person and it is so fun! I’m excited to make one and bring it to the May meeting.

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