Folklife Festival 2016

Seattle MQG members, we need your quilts!  For the fourth year, the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild has been invited to exhibit member quilts during the 2016 Northwest Folklife Festival.  Our quilts will be on display in the Intiman Theater Courtyard from May 27-30 (Memorial Day Weekend) at the Seattle Center.  (Look for signs for the Cornish Playhouse.)


The SMQG displayed 18 quilts in 2015.  Help us grow our show this year and submit your quilt here.  You may enter multiple quilts (one per form), but please limit to 3 per person.  There are no size restrictions, but all quilts require a hanging sleeve and a label with your name on it.  We will collect the quilts at the May 11 general meeting and return them at the June 8 meeting.



2014 Folklife Exhibit Snagged from @bestcoasty’s IG feed


Seattle MQG 2013 Folklife Festival Exhibit in the Intiman Courtyard

Seattle MQG 2013 Folklife Festival Exhibit at the Intiman Courtyard. Photo by Chandra Wu

Don’t forget to volunteer to help with the show!  We need 6-8 volunteers to help set up on Thursday, May 28th and take down on Monday, May 30th.  You are welcome to volunteer even if you don’t submit a quilt.  Just follow the instructions on the entry form.  Other volunteer opportunities are listed at the end of the form.

Some of our setup volunteers from 2014.  Photo from Megan Vanderburg.

Some of our setup volunteers from 2014. Photo from Megan Vanderburg.

If you plan to spend time at Folklife this year, there will be a Fiber Arts Demonstration Tent all 4 days and a Fiber Arts Flash Mob planned for Saturday, May 28th.  Find more details here  or visit their facebook page at

7 responses to “Folklife Festival 2016

  1. I’d like to volunteer to hang quilts. Would I be able to bring my quilt(s) at that time, as in past years? I have company coming and I’m not sure I’ll be able to make the meeting, let alone get the quilt out of the binding app…

    • Yes, if you plan to help hang quilts you are welcome to bring your quit then. Just be sure to fill in the entry form as best you can so we can list your quilt on the info sheet. The form will stay open until the 22nd.

  2. Hi! I have company coming the week of the next meeting so I’m not sure I’ll make it to the meeting, let alone get the quilt out of the binding app. I’d like to come hang quilts on the 28th. Could I bring it then?

  3. The short answer is yes, you can bring it with you if help hang quilts. Please see my comment above for more details.

  4. Hi:

    Can you tell me if there is anything in particular that needs to be on the label? And if I will not be able to attend the May 11 meeting, is there another place and time I can drop my quilt off? I live in the Leschi area and I seem to remember someone lives in Madrona where I might be able to drop off my quilt? I will be out of town May 8-16, can I drop it off after that?


    Elizabeth Gould


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      The label should have a minimum of your name and the quilt name on it so we can get it back to you afterward. If you can’t make it to the meeting, I would prefer that you find someone to drop it off for you. If that really doesn’t work you can contact me at and we can discuss other options.

      Megan V.

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