SeaSLABBOM for May

May Crazy Piecing Slab

The slab for May is crazy piecing, a great opportunity to use some of the scraps you have created from making the slabs from previous months. For my crazy piecing slab, I started with a four or five sided shape and added strips and chunks of fabric until I had pieces the sizes I wanted.

This tutorial from Victoria Findlay Wolfe is a great way to get started on this crazy piecing slab.

The May slab needs to be approximately 15″ x 30″.

2 responses to “SeaSLABBOM for May

  1. Hi – just wondering if the June block guidelines will be going up soon? I have been following along from New Zealand, and really enjoying the monthly improv experiments.

    • Hi Heather, it’s so great to hear that you are following along! I’ll try to get the June Slab instructions posted in the next couple of days, sorry it has been a bit delayed.

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