#QuiltsforPulse Charity Drive with the Orlando MQG

The Orlando MQG has a call out for quilts and quilt blocks, of hearts in bright colors with low-volume background, to wrap the survivors and the families of the victims of the June 12th mass shooting in love at this difficult and tragic time.  Guilds are being encouraged to send finished quilts, so that is our plan. We would like to put together 2-3 finished quilts to send from the Seattle MQG.

All of the information for the block that is suggested can be found here and here. We will need approximately 60-90 of these brightly-colored heart blocks (10.5″ unfinished). I would like to collect them at the July meeting, but no later than the August meeting.

I will be coordinating this with our giving committee so please contact me with any questions either through the MQG community site or on Instagram.

Update: I would like us to stick to this tutorial for our 2-3 quilts, just to keep things as simple and easy to manage as possible.


6 responses to “#QuiltsforPulse Charity Drive with the Orlando MQG

  1. I started working on this when I saw the posting from the MQG. Thanks for coordinating, Matt. I’m glad we’ll be able to send completed quilts since that was their preference. I would be happy to sew on a binding or two when the time comes also.

  2. Sounds like an opportunity for a project for interested parties to work on at this Saturday’s sew-in!

  3. I have to work this Saturday, it is our University’s Commencement Ceremony at Town Hall so I won’t be at the sew-in. But I will work on a block or two and turn in my contribution by the July meeting. I hope there is interest to work on it at the sew in for those who can make it.

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