Fall 2016 Retreat

Retreat Information

WhenFriday, September 9, through Sunday, September 11 (arrival at 9am on Friday, departure at 2pmon Sunday)

Location:  Camp Huston in Goldbar, WA

Cost:  $189 for a double, $249 for a single. There are 10 singles and 26 doubles (ie 13 double rooms) available!

Call for Volunteers

Thank you to the people who have already offered to help plan the retreat! Please send me an email if you are interested in getting involved.

Activities:  Would you like to lead a group activity? Perhaps you have a technique you’d like to share with us. Maybe you have an idea for a creative group project.  Please let me know your ideas.

Snacks/Drinks:  We’ll have a sign-up for individual contributions, but we need someone to set up the snack table and make sure it stays neat and tidy during the retreat.

House Rules

To ensure everyone’s enjoyment of the retreat, there are a couple of guidelines we’re asking everyone to follow this year.

Keep the aisles and walkways clear. Please keep you and your supplies out of the common areas. If you have a lot of stuff, it is your responsibility to arrive early and set up in out of the way location (in a corner, for example).

If you volunteer to bring supplies to share, please leave them at Camp Burton for the full duration of the retreat. If you need to leave retreat early, we ask that you make arrangements to have another attendee (NOT board members or retreat organizers) deliver your shared supplies to you after the retreat.

Ready to sign up?

Then head on over to this link right here:
and get yourself signed up! Please only fill out the google form once!! After you’ve completed the form, it will direct you to two PayPal links. Please click on the PayPal link corresponding to the occupancy that you’ve selected in the form.

Thank you, and hope to see everyone next month at the retreat!

Christa Poel
2016 Retreat Chair
poelchrista @ gmail .com

2 responses to “Fall 2016 Retreat

  1. I just filled out the form but clicked on the wron payment link. Is there a shortcut directly to those somewhere? Thanks!

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