Retreat Updates: Registration and Sign-ups

Hello Everyone! We have a few updates since our retreat is a little more than 2 weeks away.


Since we are 5 attendees short of the minimum number required by our agreement with Camp Huston, we have decided to open up the registration to non-members. We would rather open the registration to your quilty friends and family members than cover the cost with guild funds. What this means is:

  • Registration is now open to both members and non-members so please consider inviting your non-member friends and family members to join the fun
  • The last day of registration for everyone is Thursday, September 1
  • Register at this link


Please continue to sign up to contribute snacks or community items. Thanks again to everyone who has already signed up! 

Full details on the retreat can be found on our original retreat blog post here.

Christa P.

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