Our Guild Library

Just a reminder, our guild library is open for business! Kelly R, our librarian, will be bringing the books to every meeting for check in / check out. We have a fantastic collection of Lucky Spool sewing books to start with.

Please see Kelly’s spreadsheet for full details on the books available, including links to descriptions and more. Members who would like to check out a book should email Kelly directly (see spreadsheet) to reserve and arrange pickup at the next meeting. Books may be checked out in one month increments.

If you have other modern quilting books you’d like to donate to our library, please let Kelly know about that as well.

Happy reading!

3 responses to “Our Guild Library

  1. I have a question about checking out books. I have moved to Port Angeles but am remotely still active with the SMQG. I would love to check out books and pay S&H plus return postage at my expense. Maybe it could be a nice little money maker for the group. If so, signing a form to participate in the “mail order library” stating that if book(s) are not returned by check in date results in purchase of book(s) or late fee.l and a credit card on file to participate. Just a thought. Let me know what you all think. Have a great day and happy quilting. 🙂

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