SeaSLABBOM for November

seattle-modern-quilt-guild-2016-bom-slab-assemblyNovember will be assembling your slabs and troubleshooting unruly patchwork, we’re almost finished! Above is one possible layout for your slabs.

If you have Sherri Lynn Wood‘s The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters, there are some fantastic tips for putting improv patchwork slabs together and resolving any bubbles or wobbles that might occur. When laying out your slabs, look for areas where you can make colors bleed together to create interesting shapes and movement.

Optional Border: If your quilt is an odd size or isn’t quite big enough for you, add a border to one or more sides. Choose an element or two from your slabs that you really enjoyed making and recreate it as a border. For my sample I chose the square in a square made in the beginning steps of the improv pineapple.

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