April Giving Quilt

This month we’re doing a Modern Quilt Guild BOM block! Have you done any of these? I’ve been saying I want to, but never have. So I’m going to and I’m going to take you all with me on this journey!

The Modern Quilt Guild’s intro to this block:

Minimalism is the concept of extreme simplicity in design. It is the idea of distilling the design down to some of the most simple forms and shapes. In this Block of the Month lesson, we’ll learn how to use minimalism (along with other modern quilting design fundamentals) with impact to create a modern quilt. This month’s block is Robbing Pete, designed by Rebecca Burnett of the Toronto MQG, which is a variation on the traditional quilt block, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.

You can download the pattern here.

This month we’re pulling blues and greens from our own stash. For the curved pieces please use blue. And this can be any shade, print or solid. Each curved piece can be the same fabric or it can be scrappy by using two different fabrics. For the background please use a green, again, any shade, print or solid.


We’re going to use the 6 1/2″ block pattern on the last page of the directions. Make as many as you’d like! We can’t wait to put them together and see which pattern we end up with! Note, please don’t sew together your blocks.

A couple of tips for these blocks:

  1. If you’d like some help with curves, this tutorial is very helpful!
  2. Trimming the block: If your blocks need a slight trim, Line up the diagonal on your ruler with the corner of the block.


 Please return your blocks to the May meeting! Have fun!

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