Liberated Staircase in Green


Back in 2015, Kae & Dionne, the Giving Committee co-hosts at the time, led us in making several Liberated Staircase quilt tops. At least two (a blue one and a yellow) became completed quilts and were donated. Two more patiently waited, and thanks to Deborah Christensen, this green one is now done too!


* * * * *

 Quilt Name: Liberated Staircase in Green

Quilt Size: 60” x 80”

Blocks by: Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Members

Pieced by: Dionne Matthies-Buban, Kae Eagling

Quilted by: Deborah Christensen

Binding by: Deborah Christensen

Recipient: Greenwood Senior Center

Organized by: 2015 Giving Committee Chairs

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