2018 Block Lotto

Kae has put together a block lotto program for us for 2018 that was announced at the February meeting. The first block assignment can be found HERE. Each month the block assignment will be added to the 2018 Block Lotto page under Activities.

WHAT: Block Lotto

WHEN: 2018, March through November.

HOW: Block designs are coming from the MQG BOM resources. They won’t necessarily be the current months’ block or the colors from the directions. Each month will have a different color inspiration for the (block lotto) block. All these blocks are delivered unfinished and always use only solid fabrics unless otherwise noted.

Anyone can also opt to make themselves a sampler version as a secondary component (not part of the drawing each month). The optional
sampler quilt can have a palette set by the individual.

WHY: Anyone making one or more blocks gets into the drawing to take all the blocks home that month. Participants may make as many of the blocks as they want for the lotto portion, your name goes in the drawing once for each block you make. There will be a collection spot at each meeting and a basket, paper scraps and pencils for drawing provided each month.

All of the assignments for each month will be posted HERE (2018 Block Lotto page under activities tab)

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