March 2018 Meeting Recap

  • Sew-and-Tell!
    • Guild members shared quilts and finished projects watch Facebook and Instagram for photos
  • Member Volunteers Needed
    • To present demos at the meetings – contact Matt
    • Welcome committee – contact Patty
    • Guild Member Showcase – contact Kristy
    • Help with swap organization – contact Jaci
  • Upcoming Workshops
    Grid Based Quilting with Christina Camelli April 21st *waitlist*
    Free Motion Textures with Christina Camelli April 22nd *waitlist*

  • Spring Retreat
    • One spot left!
    • Friday, May 4, through Sunday, May 6 at Camp Burton on Vashon Island
    • Cost (approximately):
      Triple occupancy: $220 (9 spots)
      Double occupancy: $240 (12 spots)
      Single occupancy: $270 (3 spots)
    • Need Volunteers for Activities, Snacks/Drinks, Happy Hour/Games, Gifts/Swag Friday, May 4, through Sunday, May 6th
  • Giving Committee
  • The giving committee shared a modern log cabin block using Kona Tiger Lily watch for a blog post about the block.
  • Sew-Ins
    • Saturday March 24th @ Maker’s Mercantile 10:30am-4:30pm
    • Saturday, Mar. 31st @ QWNW 10:30am-5:00pm
  • MQG Events
    • The next MQG Sew Day will be April 15th in all time zones. Sew days happen the third Sunday of each month. #mqgsewday
    • Creative Webinars:

  • MQG Challenge – Riley Blake Spring 2018 – Sign ups open Deadline for completion is 04/22/18
  • Block Lotto
    • Kae will be hosting a block lotto at each meeting this year using the MQG blocks of the months. Look for a blog post with details about this months block that also uses KONA Tiger lily.
  • 2018 Block of the Month
    • • This months block is all about supersonic speed, see blog post for details.
  • Presentation by Season Evans
    • Season discussed minimalism as an art form as well as minimalist quilting and ending by sharing her minimalist quilt pieces.

Next Meeting Wednesday, April 11th 2018 @ 7:00pm.

2 responses to “March 2018 Meeting Recap

  1. Please make the correction to meeting minutes under Block Lotto, the color is not Flame it is Kona Tiger Lily! Thanks

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