March Giving Quilt Blocks- Log Cabins in Tigerlily

Hey everyone! I missed seeing everyone at the meeting this week, but I’m super excited about this month’s Giving Committee Quilt Block. We heard a little rumor that some of the group would prefer to do less improv, so this one’s for you. You know who you are! We don’t… But you do! Ready?


Is that strip of Kona Tigerlily, the Kona Color of the Year, that Debbie handed out at the meeting just screaming at you to get sewing???  This month’s block is a Log Cabin block. Pretty traditional. But a little bit different spin!


First you’ll need to cut your pieces:

From the Tigerlily (given out at the meeting), cut two 1 1/4″ strips. You’ll need about 64″, total.

From the White (from your stash), cut two 1 1/4″ strips. You’ll need about 58″, total.

Also from the White (from your stash), cut two 2″ strips. You’ll need about 73″, total.

From your red scraps, cut a 2 1/2″ square.

For this one we will be using all solids. Thank you!



I’m not one to cut out exactly measured strips when I do log cabins, so that’s how we’re doing this one! Start with the 1 1/4″ white stripe and the red square. Sew them together, trim and iron flat.



Now, sew the 1 1/4″ to the bottom of the red square, trim and iron! Easy!


Now let’s sew on the orange strips to the white ones. Sew one side, trim, iron and do it again for the bottom.


Now let’s use the 2″ white strip. Can you guess what I am going to say? Sew, trim and iron to one side of the red square. Then do it again for the other side, sew, trim and iron.


Back to the thin white strips.


Next, another orange stripe. Then two more wide white stripes.




And keep going! Once you have 4 thin white strips with 4 orange strips and four wide white strips, your block should be 14 1/2″. Stop here and you’re welcome to start another one!


Once we put them together, it will start to look like this…


And then this… And so on and so on depending on how many awesome log cabin blocks we get from you!

Don’t forget to bring your finished blocks to the April Meeting!

If you missed the meeting and need some Tigerlily, please let me or Debbie know.





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