2018 Block Lotto – Due at May Meeting

April block due at the May meeting is:

Scaled Triangles, 20-1/2″ x 20-1/2″  unfinished. We will be making a 2 color block. Use a cotton solid of Bright White for the background and an Red Print that reads like a solid, for the triangle sections of the block.

Find more information about the block lotto and this month’s block directions HERE


2 responses to “2018 Block Lotto – Due at May Meeting

  1. I may be confused, but… In the illustrations of blue on white blocks the bottoms of the three triangles in each group line up. In the illustrations of the beige and tan blocks in the instruction section, the rectangles seem to be placed so the TOPS of the top row of triangles align instead. Which are we following?

    • Hi Harriet, the diagrams are a little confusing and do show a different layout than the example block photo. I would go with the layout from the example photos where the bases of the triangles align. -Matt

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