May Giving Quilt Blocks

The May block for the giving committee is a bit improv, yet not too much improv! Should work for all of us! There aren’t a lot of rules, but there are some, so let’s take a look.

SMGQ May Block 01

We were given a bunch of green cuts from Clothworks in West Seattle. Thanks, Clothworks! So what to do with it?? Make a giving quilt of course!

SMGQ May Block 02

The first step in the block is fabric selection! We’re looking for solid fabric within the same value of this green. You can use as many colors as you’d like, but they must be solids. And they must be the same value as the green fabric you have in your hand! And NO bright white. Please stick with an off-white.


Solid Fabric, as many colors as you like, that are the same value as the green.

Nothing darker than the green.

No bright white.

Off white only.

The green will be the DOMINANT color in your block.

SMGQ May Block 03

Next step, build your squares. Start with 3 to 5 squares. Size doesn’t matter, but keep the green in each square.

SMGQ May Block 04Once you have the squares, start building on to them. Filling in between the squares. We are making a 14” finished block, so unfinished it measures 14 ½”

SMGQ May Block 05

SMGQ May Block 06

SMGQ May Block 07

You’ve built up your blocks and now just start moving them around until you are happy with the layout. Then once again fill in and piece the square pieces together. Play and add until you have your 14 inch square (total overall size is 14.5″)

SMGQ May Block 08

SMGQ May Block 09

SMGQ May Block 10

SMGQ May Block 11

See what I’m doing here? Just moving them around. There’s no rules to how these fit together. Remember the block is supposed to highlight the dark green as the most dominate color. I have not done a great job keeping the green as the dominant color. Try to do better then I did! Ha! But we’ll love them all!

ok, more playing around….

SMGQ May Block 12

SMGQ May Block 13

Once you find the layout you like best, figure out how to sew it together into one block! You may have to add some more (green) fabric to make it the full 14.5 inches.

SMGQ May Block 14

And there you are!

SMGQ May Block 15

Please bring finished blocks to the June meeting. If you can’t be there, please contact Debbie or myself and we can coordinate with you.



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