There are still a few spaces left for our Fall retreat. If you have been waiting to sign up, don’t wait too long! There are 7 Double Occupancy spaces remaining.

Retreat Information

WhenFriday, September 7, through Sunday, September 9 (arrival at 10:30am on Friday, departure at 2pm on Sunday)

Location:  Camp Huston in Goldbar, WA

Cost:  $210 for a double occupancy space. There are  7 double occupancy spaces (ie 3.5 double rooms) available!

House Rules

To ensure everyone’s enjoyment of the retreat, there are a couple of guidelines we’re asking everyone to follow this year.

Keep the aisles and walkways clear. Please keep you and your supplies out of the common areas. If you have a lot of stuff, it is your responsibility to arrive early and set up in out of the way location (in a corner, for example).

If you volunteer to bring supplies to share, please leave them at Camp Burton for the full duration of the retreat. If you need to leave retreat early, we ask that you make arrangements to have another attendee (NOT board members or retreat organizers) deliver your shared supplies to you after the retreat.

Ready to Sign Up?

Click here to register for the Fall 2018 retreat through Google Docs and Brown Paper Tickets. We will send out a Google form to those signed up to get more information from you by the end of August.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, once you’ve signed up and paid for the retreat, we will not be offering any refunds. If there is a wait list and you can’t attend the retreat, we may be able to sell your spot to someone else that wants to go (but there are no promises!) Thanks for your understanding 🙂



  1. hello, I’ve signed up and paid for the SeaMQG Fall 2018 Fall retreat. Unfortunately I’ve suffered a fracture to the humerus of my right arm/shoulder. So I am totally out of commission as far as using my right arm in any way. If you are interested in going to the retreat, please let me know so that I can arrange for you to take my position, so that I can get my refund. I really need it!!

    Thank you,

    Michelle Honey

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