2019 Membership: Renew or Join now!

It’s that time again, membership registration/renewal for 2019 is now live!

Please complete the 2019 Seattle MQG Membership Form. After completing the form, the Confirmation Page will include a link to PayPal for payment.

You can also access the Seattle MQG Membership Form directly through the Membership page on the Seattle MQG website.

Remember, you need to be a member in good standing by January 31, 2019 to attend any workshops or other fun activities. Looking forward to 2019 and many guild workshops, monthly meetings and sew-ins to come!


2 responses to “2019 Membership: Renew or Join now!

  1. I renewed my membership on PayPal after getting the email. I just check my MQG profile and it said I had not renewed. Who do I contact to update my membership? I have the email from PayPal (12/7j

    • Hi Ruth, membership status on the MQG website will not be updated until our guild’s annual dues are due for payment in March. Everyone’s memberships status should currently show as expiring 12/31/2018 and “Graced” this is the first year the MQG renewal has been due in March instead of January. We’ll be talking about this at tonight’s meeting.

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