Sunset Strips Giving Quilt

Here’s an oldie that you might have forgotten about! But I haven’t! Partly because I love it…


And partly because I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for over a year!


This quilt was started back in 2016! I was totally inspired by Debbie’s Bacon Quilt and thought it would be a fun one for the group. A little improv, but not too crazy improv.


We didn’t have a lot of participation in this one. I am a huge fan of ‘white’ space, and this lends itself  quite nicely to not a lot of color and plenty of white space.



For the back I went crazy with the ‘white’ space and turned it pink!


The beautiful quilting was done by Jeanell Murphree!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this quilt!

Quilt Name: Sunset Strips
Quilt Size: 60″ x 72″
Blocks created by: Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Members
Pieced by: Louise Wackerman
Quilted by: Jeanell Murphree
Bound by: Debbie Jeske

One response to “Sunset Strips Giving Quilt

  1. Yes thank you to everyone who worked on this quilt! I visited with my friend Ann a nurse at Nurse Family Partnership and they are using this quilt monthly as a place for families to gather together for story time. The nurses is this program work with some of the most vulnerable families in King County and this quilt is so appreciated and represents safety, a gathering place and a place where curiosity and learning can happen. Your hard work and beauty is planting seeds of hope in the next generation.

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