January Giving Blocks — Triangles

First of all, thank you to Debbie and Louise for 3 great years and many beautiful giving quilts! Also, hello from your new giving committee, Rachel Singh and Erica Johnson. Please feel free to contact us online or at a meeting if you have any questions or suggestions.

Erica Johnson — @ricaroo.quilts, ricaroo(at)gmail.com
Rachel Singh — @liketosew, liketosewblog(at)gmail.com

We are going to take these fun solid triangles and add a little extra pizazz with some polka-dots.  The supplied Kaffe Fassett polka dot fabric was generously donated to us from an individual’s stash.  At the January meeting, packs of 6 polka dot triangles were available for pick up and I will bring them again to February’s meeting. Additionally, if you can not attend a meeting and want to participate, I am willing to mail you fabric! (Contact me at ricaroo@gmail.com).

From each triangle pack, we are requesting you add solids from your own stash to make 2 strips about 8-10 units long.  You have the option of adding all plain solid triangles or to occasionally add a split solid triangle.


Fabric selection

  1. Please add 100% cotton solid fabric from your stash.
  2. Color choice is all up to you EXCEPT please do not use black or white.
  3. You do not need to use a different color for every triangle, repeating colors is fine.
  4. Please keep the value (lightness or darkness) of your colors in mind and try to use a variety of values. It is common to find that your stash is made of mostly middle value colors.  Try to find some light and dark values too. You can easily identify the relative value of your fabrics by either viewing them through a red filter or taking a photo and converting it to black and white.


  1. We are making 60 degree equilateral triangles that are 4 1/2” unfinished and 4” finished.
  2. Start with a strip of solid fabric that is 4 1/2” wide. If your fabric is at least 4 ½” long, you can make one triangle, longer strips will make more triangles.
  3. Use a triangle or muti-shape ruler like the hexi by lining up the bottom edge of your fabric with the 4 ½ line. Flip your ruler upside down to make additional triangles.


Use the 60 degree line on a standard ruler, making sure to leave a ¼ blunt tip on the top of your triangle.

Making Optional Split-Triangles

  1. Join the long edge of 2 fabrics together that are 4 ½ by 3.
  2. With your triangle ruler, line up your seam and the center solid vertical line on the ruler.
  3. Trim both sides.
  4. If you are doing this with a straight ruler, each cut will end an ⅛ “ from the center seam.


    1. Arrange a combination of solid and polka dot triangles head to toe into 2 strips of 8 to 10 triangles each.
    2. Jaybird Quilts has a great tutorial on joining triangles. The secret to proper alignment is keeping the blunt corners pointing up and down.
  • Don’t sew your two strips together.
  • If you are sharing on social media, use the tags #seamqg and #seamqggiving.
  • Please return your blocks even if you don’t think they are perfect! I will be collecting blocks at February and March meetings. If you can not attend, but have block to return, you can mail them to Erica (email ricaroo@gmail.com to make arrangements.)


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