2019 BOM – Begonia: May

Happy Spring! Here are the instructions for our May rows.

Just a lil reminder: If you’re following along with the HST assembly schedule, we’re front-loading the HSTs to keep the total workload even(ish) for each month. This month we are assembling HSTs for Row 8 (August). The HSTs we’re using in Row 5 were part of March’s instructions.

2 responses to “2019 BOM – Begonia: May

  1. I am having problems printing the April and May instructions. When I print the headings show up but not the diagrams. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Emily, thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble printing out the instructions. Have you tried opening the image in a new tab or saving it to your desktop? If neither of those ideas work, lmk and we’ll try something else.

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