July Giving Block

For July we are going to make a quilt inspired by these designs.


Quilt by Stash Bandit, pattern Fractured by Kathy Doughty

Book Cover

Rail Fence by Sujata Shah

From the fabric you have received you should be able to make two improv Rail Fence blocks as outlined below:

Select a print fabric: You will need to add a print fabric from your stash to make two improv Rail Fence blocks. Please ensure that the value of the fabric is lighter than the solid fabric given to you.

How do I determine if the value of the print fabric is lighter than the solid fabric? Take a picture of the two fabrics with your phone and apply a black & white filter. If the fabric appears lighter than the solid one it is the right choice.

Cut both fabrics into three strips 5″ x 14″.


Collate the strips as shown below and cut the strips down the middle without a ruler.


Piece the two opposite colored strips together yielding 6 strips as shown below


Each strip should yield three 4.5″ x 4.5″ blocks for eighteen blocks in total as shown below. You should have enough allowance to trim down the blocks to that size.


These blocks will yield two larger blocks as shown below. The blocks should be mirror images of each other.


The blocks are due by the September meeting. Thank you all for being so proactive and contributing towards the charity quilts.

2 responses to “July Giving Block

  1. Hey all! This is Diane Harris from Stash Bandit. Thank you for using my quilt as inspiration for your block project! I wanted to mention that it is from the Fractured pattern by Kathy Doughty, which is in one of her books. I’m far from home and I’m not able to check which one, and I can’t tell from the Google results. But I wanted to credit her for the design, which is really wonderful and fun. Best of luck with your blocks, I can’t wait to see them all!

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