Quilts Donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital

Thank you so much to my co-chair Rachel Singh and everyone who has been participating in the Giving Quilt program this year.  Our first quilt blocks of the year were triangle strips made from bright solids and Kaffe Cassette polka-dot fabric which had been donated to the guild. Member response was huge ( I think in part due to our cold snowy winter) and I was able to piece 6 child size quilts from the blocks.

We finally have 4 of these quilts finished and donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital! They were very happy to receive the cheerful colorful quilts when I dropped them off on Thursday.


Check out the finished quilts below and a big thank you to everyone who made blocks, quilted, and bound them. It has been great to complete these beauties as a group.

This little baby size quilt, 34 x 40, was straight line quilted and bound by me, Erica Johnson.

fbcad471-4c3c-4e3e-8c2e-edc18dab3ac1Thank you to Matt Macomber for both the beautiful free motion quilting and binding on this 34 x 47 quilt.

Long arm quilting on this sweet pink and purple 47 x 64 quilt was done by Jana Royal and the binding was done by Deborah Christensen.


Lastly, the crinkly cuddly texture on this 50 x 72 quilt was also long armed by Jana Royal and bound by Clare Kapitan.  Also, check out the cool screen printed label each of the quilts has, custom made by Dionne Matthies-Buban.

There are still 2 more polka-dot quilts  and a side-stripe quilt in progress.  I am finding it can be a long journey from block-making, to piecing, to quilting, and finally binding.  The quilts pass through many hands and take time to complete. Please stand by and I will post the final quilts as soon as they are done.


8 responses to “Quilts Donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital

  1. Oh, they are so bright and beautiful! They should definitely bring some cheer to the recipients at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Thanks so much for doing this and for allowing me to participate from afar and mail my sections in.

  2. These are so beautiful! What a lovely group effort, but special thanks to Erica, Rachel, Matt, Dionne, Jana, Clare, and anyone else who contributed to the beautiful finishing!

  3. Thanks for the positive comments! It is great to get feedback and hear that you are all enjoying the quilts.

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