SEAMQG Secret Swap 2019

We are reintroducing our Secret Swap, with a few twists.  As always, participants will receive a randomly assigned guild-mate for whom they will make a quilty gift.   However, this year we have made a few changes:

You may choose between any one of the following six items.  It is hoped that giving some limits to the choices will encourage more participants:

  • iPad (or other device) quilted cover
  • Scissor Cozy
  • Open Wide Zip Bag
  • Draw String Bag
  • Sewing Machine Mat/Apron
  • Boxy Pouch

At the bottom of this posting are links to tutorials for all of these items (in the case of the iPad cover we’ve given two options, one with and one without a zipper).  You are not restricted to these tutorials if you have another way to make a similar item.  Moreover, feel free to edit these; for example, piece items where no piecing is required.  Use your imagination as you wish.

How this will work:

  • Registration: You have until August 28 to register for the swap by following these instructions:
    • Go to the MQG site. Be sure you’re logged in.
    • Choose Social Circles from the orange Quick Links.
    • In the light gray menu bar, choose My Circles.
    • Choose Seattle MQG.
    • Scroll down to the Discussions area and find the one called Secret Swap 2019.  Follow the link in the discussion to complete your registration.
    • If you have not yet joined the Circle, you will need to do that first before the above instructions will work
  • Confirmation: Once you register you will receive an invitation from DrawNames to join our group. Clicking the Join button will formally make you part of the swap.  You must confirm your participation by August 30.  There may be a short delay between filling the form and receiving the invite as we have to enter names manually as we get them.
  • After joining the group, DrawNames will prompt you to create a wish list. It will help your secret guild-mate to know color preferences, fabric styles you like, etc.  You may also indicate three or more of the items which would please you to have.  Or, you may indicate if one or more are not useful to you (e.g. you don’t have an iPad, or already have a sewing machine mat).  As a courtesy to your secret swapper, please DO NOT specify only one item that you want.  They should have some flexibility in choosing something to make for you.  Don’t forget to include dimensions for your iPad or other device.
  • On August 31 DrawNames will send an email telling you whom you are sewing for. Your partner will be directed to your wish list when the names are sent, so please have a few things filled in by this date.  Note that you are not paired.  The person you are sewing for is not the person sewing for you.
  • Have fun making something for your partner.
  • The swap will occur at the October meeting on October 9. Please bring the gift wrapped.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, please find a surrogate who can bring your gift, and collect (and open at the meeting) the gift made for you.  It’s more fun for the maker to have everyone able to see what they created.

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Please do NOT include any extra goodies to the gift.
  • Please be sure to include a label or card to indicate who the maker of the gift is.


Here are tutorials for the items, to get you going.  Author’s Instagram accounts provided for further inspiration.

Drawstring bag by Jeni Baker @jenib320:  This free tutorial for the drawstring is a small version.  There are larger (for $) tutorials, or you could probably figure out how to size if you want it bigger.

Scissors Cozy  and Boxy Pouch by Svetlana Sotak @sotakhandmade:

Open Wide Zip Pouch by Anna Graham @noodlehead531:

iPad case with zipper by Caroline @sewcanshe:

iPad case without zipper by Amber @oneshabbychickhawaii:

Sewing Machine Mat by Nicole @lillyellasworld:


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