Virtual Sew-Ins

Hello Quilters!

How can we hold a sew-in during a pandemic? Easy! Announcing, Virtual Sew-Ins!

Virtual Sew-Ins: how to join

Here’s the plan:

  • First, we need some volunteers to lead a small Zoom group.
  • And, we need people who want to join in.
  • Then, we’ll set up dates and times.
  • We’ll put people in groups, maximum eight people to a group.
  • Leaders will contact their group members with a Zoom invite.
  • Zoom in at the right time and join other members to hang out for a bit. Have fun, and do it again two weeks later!

What does it take to be a group leader?

You should be familiar with Zoom. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, you can get one for free. You can also get familiar with Zoom using their online Getting Started Guide. Still have questions? Contact us for more info.

Your phone/webcam setup doesn’t have to be fancy. But it’s good to have a reliable wifi connection. It may be easier to see and use all the Zoom functions if you use a desktop or laptop computer, instead of your phone or tablet device.

You can choose the days/times you meet, such as Tuesday nights, 7:00-7:45pm.

We’d like you to make a commitment to meet three times: twice in June, and once in July.

As a “thank you” for leading, you can select one Seattle MQG friend that you’d like to have in your group.

What if I just want to join a group, but not be a leader?

No problem! We definitely want you to sign up. Once we’ve organized our leaders, we’ll set up the groups.

You’ll need a desktop or laptop computer with a camera, and a reliable wifi connection. It’s possible to use a smart phone or tablet device as well, but the controls may be harder to see and use. If you’ve never Zoomed before, here’s a quick getting started video.

But wait, how do we sew during a virtual sew-in?

Quiet activities are nice (think hand sewing, pressing, cutting, block trimming, etc) but you can use your machine, too, as long as you remember to mute your line!

Yes, yes, yes! What do I do next?

Will you be a leader? This link will take you to the form.

Just want to be a group member? Same form!

Is there a deadline?

Yes! Please sign up by Wednesday, May 20th. It will take us some time to process everything so that we can have our groups start in early June.

As always, if you have any questions, contact us at .

Our May Zoom meeting notes will be posted later today. Thank you for your patience!

3 responses to “Virtual Sew-Ins

  1. David, I am familiar with Zoom and set up my bookclub to Zoom What is your plan for the time limit issue as most of us only have free accounts?. Deborah Christensen

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Deborah, the time limit is something we’ve discussed. Many people have their own Zoom accounts now: hopefully people who volunteer to host will have access. But if they don’t – the sew-ins would be limited to 40 minutes or so. The easy fix is that the host can immediately start a new meeting, as soon as the first session runs out. We may consider buying a Zoom account for the guild to use, but let’s see how many people already have access to Zoom.

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