QuiltCon 2020 Charity Quilt

For QuiltCon 2020, the charity quilt theme was simply text quilts in gray scale. Immediately our thoughts went to using the opportunity to come up with something that made a political statement to reflect current times or an inspiring forward thinking quote. However as we though about it bit more, we felt none of these ideas really captured the true essence of our group as a whole. We are an inclusive group that comes together truly for the love of quilting. When we gather, our primary focus is not politics, current affairs or ways to change and challenge the status quo.  Instead we discuss quilting and sewing techniques, how to improve our skills and above all share with others what we spend hours making as a quilter. This is why show and tell is the favorite part of the meeting for most members. It is through these quilts that we reveal ourselves as individuals to the group and it is in this diversity that we unite for the common love of quilting.

With this in mind we decided to form words that quite simply describe the quilt making process. It is what each one of us does over and over again, yet every time it is different and unique to us and only a fellow quilter can identify with that. Members of the guild made a few  letters each from the fabric that was handed out. No specifics were provided except for a few tutorials and we received all kinds of letters, in different combinations and styles. We started to assemble the quilt and were fortunate that we had an amazing variety and styles of letters to pick from and decided to aptly name it ‘Typography’. As a matter of fact the response was so overwhelming that we got enough letters to make two quilts. Will blog about the second quilt in another post.





The top was beautifully quilted by Dionne Matthis-Buban. You can see some of the details in pictures.



Blocks made by members of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild

Top assembled by Erica Johnson and Rachel Singh

Quilted by Dionne Matthis-Buban

Bound by Rachel Singh

One response to “QuiltCon 2020 Charity Quilt

  1. I loved seeing our finished quilt at QuiltCon! “Typography” turned out great, especially due to the expertise of Rachel, Erica and Dionne who brought all the different elements together into a cohesive whole. Brava!

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