Virtual Sew-Ins 2021

Hello Quilters!

Virtual sew-ins are back, and they begin Saturday, January 16! Our next round of sign-ups are available now. Once again, there will be five groups, each with five or six dates each. Similarly, there will be two sets of Monday sew-ins, on alternating Mondays. You may sign up for one set or the other, or any combination. Maximum sign-ups in each group is 18 = 16 participants plus 2 leaders. Refer to the email we sent on 1/14 for more details.

Virtual Sew-Ins Dates

DayTime (PST)Dates
Monday A Evening7:00 – 9:00Jan 18; Feb 1, 15; Mar 1, 15
Monday B Evening7:00 – 9:00Jan 25; Feb 8, 22; Mar 8, 22
Tuesday Evening7:00 – 9:00Jan 19; Feb 2, 16; Mar 1, 16
Saturday Morning10:00 – 12:00Jan 16, 30; Feb 13, 27; Mar 13, 27
Sunday Afternoon1:00 – 3:00Jan 17, 31; Feb 14, 21; Mar 14, 28

What does it take to be a group leader?

A group leader is a host or a co-host of the Zoom meeting. Leaders will open and close the meeting. If the group is too large, leaders may need to put folks into a breakout room, which you do with a click of a button. It would be great if leaders could sign up for at least three dates in this winter round of sew-ins. If you can sign up for more or fewer, we are fully grateful for your help.

You should be familiar with Zoom. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, you can get one for free. You can also get familiar with Zoom using their online Getting Started Guide. Still have questions? Contact us for more info.

Your phone/webcam setup doesn’t have to be fancy. But it’s good to have a reliable wifi connection. It may be easier to see and use all the Zoom functions if you use a desktop or laptop computer, instead of your phone or tablet device.

What if I just want to join a group, but not be a leader?

No problem! We definitely want you to sign up. Navigate to the sign up page and join as a participant.

You’ll need a desktop or laptop computer with a camera, and a reliable wifi connection. It’s possible to use a smart phone or tablet device as well, but the controls may be harder to see and use. If you’ve never Zoomed before, here’s a quick getting started video.

But wait, how do we sew during a virtual sew-in?

Quiet activities are nice (think hand sewing, pressing, cutting, block trimming, etc) but you can use your machine, too, as long as you remember to mute your line!

Yes, yes, yes! What do I do next?

Sew-ins are open to members only. You should have received an email with the sign up link and directions. Check your spam folder if you haven’t seen it. For quick reference, we have posted this as a discussion topic (link here) in the Modern Quilt Guild’s Seattle MQG circle, go log in and check it out!

Email if you have questions or did not receive an email. 

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