About MQG


As a member of the Seattle MQG, you’re also a member of the national Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) at no additional cost. The benefits of MQG membership include:

  • MQG membership card and enamel pin
  • Members-only access to the MQG site
    • A great selection of resources, including free patterns, tutorials, videos, and more
    • Access to our own “circle” (Seattle MQG) where we keep sensitive material that’s not on our regular website
  • Quarterly digital newsletter — Modern Monthly — which contains free Quilt of the Month patterns, a free Block Study (with quilt patterns included), articles, Member Spotlights, and more
  • Swaps and Fabric challenges (some of which include free fabric)
  • Members-only early registration and discounted pricing for QuiltCon

Why are there two MQGs? Why are there two websites?

This is something that often confuses people! There’s one national organization, The Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) which has local guilds as well as individual members throughout the world. Seattle MQG (that’s us!) is one of the local guilds.

www.seattlemodernquiltguild.com — This is where you are right now. We use this as our primary form of communication. It’s actually a blog, so when we want to announce upcoming meetings or activities, we create a new blog post, which appears on the home page. This is also where we keep our calendar of upcoming events, and other information such as the Block of the Month (BOM) instructions.

www.themodernquiltguild.com — This website is for the national organization. It contains all the MQG resources. But we use it too. The Social Circles portion of this site is password protected, so we put our sensitive information in the Seattle MQG circle.

What are MQG Circles?

The Social Circles on the MQG website are a way for MQG members to communicate with each other. Some circles are open to everyone; others, like the Seattle MQG Circle, require administrator approval to join. This allows us to add a layer of confidentiality to sensitive items such as our membership directory.

What’s QuiltCon?

QuiltCon is an annual conference that includes a large, juried quilt show, four days of workshops and lectures, vendors, demonstrations, and a chance to meet up with modern quilters from throughout the United States and around the world.

  • QuiltCon 2021 will be held in February 2021, in Atlanta, GA. (Now being held virtually as QuiltCon Together due to Covid-19.)
  • QuiltCon 2022 will be held in February 2022, in Phoenix, AZ.

QuiltCon registration takes place in June of the year before the annual February event. In order to register for QuiltCon 2022, you’ll need to be a member by early June, 2021.