This is a general list of hashtags we use on Instagram for categorizing posts

General Hashtags
#seamqg, #seattlemqg – It’s who we are!
#seamqgsewin, #oneseamsewn – It’s our sew-in motto, it’s not about how much you get done, but we guarantee you will get at least one seam sewn!
#seamqgmember – Introduce  yourself on Instagram to other Seattle MQG members
#seamqggiving – Giving Committee related work
#showusyourmqg – The MQG likes to see what individuals and guilds are working on

Blocks of the Month
#seamqgbom2017, #minimaldaysampler – Our Current Block of the Month
#seaslabbom2016 – 2016 Block of the Month

Color of the Year
#seamqgkonacoty2017 – Uses of Flamingo within the Seattle MQG
#seamqgpantonecoty2017 – Uses of Greenery within the Seattle MQG