2015 Seattle MQG Quilt Tour @ NW Folklife Festival

For the third year running, the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild is honored to be showing our quilts at the NW Folklife Festival.  Each quilt is identified by a number with corresponding descriptions below so you can learn more about each quilt as you view it.  Thank you for sharing our love of quilts by taking care when viewing:  please avoid contacting the quilts with hands, food, or oils.

  1. “WIP Purple Adoption” Created by:  Deborah Christensen
    I adopted Marilyn Lone’s works in progress of foundation piecing and have incorporated them into a single quilt.  Its modern characteristics are geometric pattern, asymmetry and neutral ground.
  1. “Sea Glass II” Created by:  Martha Peterson
    Improvisationally pieced Mod Mosaic blocks (tutorial on ohfransson.com) float in a sea of gradient negative space. The binding matches the sea changes, too, thanks to the tutorial by fellow guild member Debbie Jeske (aquilterstable.blogspot.com). Quilted by Richla Ramsey of Redmond, WA.
  1. “Garden Path” Created by:  Matt Macomber
    This quilt was made for a Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge and was constructed using ruler free patchwork techniques.
  1. “Ocean Wave” Created by:  Liz Litzler
    I have been quilting for about four years.  This quilt is the first one I have made in which I was inspired by another quilt I saw and then decided to make my own pattern to make something similar. The use of negative space, the channel quilting, and the bold colors make it modern. The back of the quilt has its own ombre design.
  1. “Navy Star” Created by:  Chandra Wu
    This quilt is made from several 12″ “sampler” blocks, which are sometimes considered too traditional for modern quilting.  I tried to come up with a quilt design that could utilize sampler blocks but using more fields of solid colors or negative space and this is what I came up with.  It was certainly an interesting piecing challenge to get all the lonestar points to meet.
  1. “Chop Suey” Created by:  Kae Eagling
    Improv technique with hand quilting and facing type binding. The backing fabric is titled “Bow Wow Chow Mein” so I went with the foodie thinking and decided the piecing looked more like chop suey, hence the name of the quilt.
  1. “Red-Purple Challenge” Created by:  Marilyn Lone
    I consider this quilt modern because I made it up as I went along without using a pattern, it is geometric, and has lots of solid colored fabric.
  1. “Fanfare” Created by:  Aly Bazeley
  1. “Emerald State” Created by:  Aly Bazele
  1. “Refract” Created by:  Jessica Vehorn
    This was a fun exercise in cutting apart triangles and sewing them back together. The arrangement of the triangles is non-traditional and the wide expanses of textured white ground help keep this feeling modern.
  1. “PNW” Created by:  Becca Jubie
    This quilt is inspired by the nature of the Pacific Northwest. It uses a paint-by-number deer fabric as the starting point, and bold colors mixed with low-volume prints in a plus-sign design.
  1. “Moxie by Tula Pink” Created by:  Ali Hester
    This quilt was created as a Shop Sample for The Quilting Loft. It is called “Moxie” by Tula Pink.
  1. “Crossknot” Created by:  Allison Dutton
    This was a fun little quilt to make. I was able to highlight just a few prints and keep it modern with the alternate grid and wide open negative space. It was also the first quilt that I did free motion quilting on the entire thing.
  1. “Molten Metal” Created by:  Megan Vanderburg
    Molten Metal was made for the Modern Metallics Challenge last year.  It depicts a stream of molten metal, white hot in the center, becoming darker as it cools toward the edges.  A significant amount of negative space and pieced binding are two features that make this quilt modern.
  1. “Happy Times” Created by:  Chandra Wu
    This quilt began as a continuation of an improvisational “round robin” technique that Martha Peterson, Deborah Ferguson and I learned about at Quiltcon in 2013 in a workshop with Sherri Lynn Wood.  I really enjoyed contributing to the work of others and I love what Martha and Deb did with this cheerful palette!  You can read more about this quilt and the other SEAMQG members who contributed on my blog here: https://mildlygifted.wordpress.com/2014/09/27/happy-times/
  1. “Over the Bridge” Created by:  C.E (Lotte) Clark-Mahoney
    Homage to Seabeck Conference Center.  Lotte has been displaying her Rainbow quilt here at FolkLife for many years.  This is the third year the SMQG was invited to join her in displaying our quilts.
We hope you enjoyed our display this year.  Join us again in 2016!

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