2016 Seattle MQG Quilt Tour @ NW Folklife Festival

The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild is honored to be showing our quilts at the NW Folklife Festival.  Each quilt is identified by a number with corresponding descriptions below so you can learn more about each quilt as you view it.  Thank you for sharing our love of quilts by taking care when viewing:  please avoid contacting the quilts with hands, food, or oils.

  1. “Elephant” Created by:  Lisa Meuleman
    Quilting and textile art are my obsession and my therapy. This quilt is modern because of the fabric choices and its graphic quality.
  1. “Unknown” Created by:  Matt Macomber
    This quilt was inspired by a 1930s quilt made of these graphic geometric blocks. Modern aspects of this quilt are the large scale piecing and the high contrast color combination.
  1. “Color Wheel” Created by:  Amy Steed
    For me, quilting is all about color; this color wheel was a natural.  The bold graphic image makes it modern. The black background helps the colors “pop”.
  1. “Midnight at the Improv” Created by:  Kristi Russell
  1. “Slinky Gone Hexie” Created by:  Deborah Christensen
    Have always wanted to try incorporating a slinky into a quilt.  When given a challenge by the Michael Miller Co. to use their Celebration Fabric, I began playing around with the variegation of the printed metallic fabric to try working in perspective.  I used a Painter’s Canvas fabric from their collection for the background to add to the 3D appearance and contribute to a sense of movement.  Techniques used- surface applied raw edge appliqué with decorative stitching.
  1. “Don’t Box Me In” Created by:  Maureen Mandy
  1. “Echoed Whispers” Created by:  Matt Macomber
    This quilt was made from the Echo Star pattern by fellow guild member Blair Stocker of Wise Craft Handmade. The modern aspects of this quilt are the use of negative space as a main design element and the bold and graphic color.
  1. “Hex libris” Created by:  Allison Dutton
    It all started with the circle in the center. I wanted to split it into pie pieces and expand those out into the quilt while keeping similar colors together like a color wheel. If you look closely, you’ll see that even the binding maintains that theme. With so much negative space to quilt, I created giant ghost hexagons and filled them in a similar manner to the others.
  1. “Love what you create” Created by:  Allison Dutton
    I made this one for a challenge, pulling the phrase “love what you create” from the inspirational quotes printed on the background fabric.
  1. “My Small World- Seattle” Created by:  Eunice Wu
    I fell in love with quilting 3 years ago. I especially like traditional modernism, where a traditional pattern is remade with modern prints and colors.  “My Small World – Seattle” quilt is a pattern by Jen Kingwell, and I tried lots of new techniques and challenged myself on this one. It’s absolutely not perfect, but I’m so proud of it.
  1. “9 diamonds” Created by:  Amy Barr
  1. “Glyph III” Created by:  Chandra Wu
    This began as a design study in minimal abstraction following Season Evans’ presentation to our guild when she was featured in the Lucky Spool Mighty Lucky Quilting Club (http://luckyspool.com/products/mighty-lucky-quilting-club). Constructed with silk, various denims and cottons, backed with silk and machine quilted.
  1. “Spectral Creatures” Created by:  Sarah Coons, a purple-haired mom of 2 and farmer living in Kitsap county.
    This quilt features over 60 different fabrics, including self-made batiks and tie-dyes and commercial prints and solids. The black background was chosen to give the bright colors a bold, graphic pop.
  1. “Savvy Medallion” Created by:  Sarah Coons, a purple-haired mom of 2 and farmer living in Kitsap county.
    This quilt evolved through its production, with each set of borders planned on the fly. The traditional medallion construction is made modern by blending in new applique techniques and improvisational curved piecing, and framing it all with an asymmetrical layout.
  1. “Sand dollar” Created by:  Grace Lainhart
  1. “Tumbling Blocks” Created by:  Elizabeth Gould
    I still have lots to learn about quilting, but I’ve made over 100 of them… I never sewed as a kid because my mother hated sewing, so I picked up quilting later in life and have never really made any clothes. I love batiks and have been exploring modern techniques by taking classes at quilt shows and around Seattle. This quilt was inspired by a class I took at the Houston Quilt Show in October of 2015 from Karen Combs. Machine quilted by Carrie Peterson, Chelan, WA.
  1. “Wonder Full” Created by:  Sara Goss
    My fascination with ovals led to combining pieced, appliqued and quilted ovals within the rectangular structure. The visual dialog continued with appliqued and quilted linear elements. Discoveries I make during the creative process never cease to amaze me.
  1. “Birthday Cake” Created by:  Charlotte Clark-Mahoney
  1. “Over the Bridge” Created by:  Charlotte Clark-Mahoney
    Homage to Seabeck Conference Center.
  1. “Karma Chameleon” Created by:  Aly Bazeley
  1. “Fireflies in the Birches” Created by:  Aly Bazeley

We hope you enjoyed our display this year.  Join us again in 2017!