2018 Seattle MQG Quilt Tour @ NW Folklife Festival

The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild is honored to be showing our quilts at the NW Folklife Festival.  Each quilt is identified by a number with corresponding descriptions below so you can learn more about each quilt as you view it.  Thank you for sharing our love of quilts by taking care when viewing:  please avoid contacting the quilts with hands, food, or oils.

  1. “Morphing” Created by:  Martha Peterson

Started in the Two Color Composition workshop with Season Evans, this quilt is a study in minimalism. I was intrigued by light and dark triangles and played with the transition. Do you see dark triangles pointing down or light triangles pointing up?

  1. “Convergence (2 color quilt)” Created by: Liz Litzler

This quilt was designed during a two color composition workshop with Season Evans.

  1. “Untitled in Raisin” Created by: Debbie Jeske

Debbie Jeske is a maker and quilt blogger who lives near Seattle WA. A member of the Seattle MQG, she also relishes being active in the online quilting community. She enjoys creating a variety of sewn projects, but in improvisational quilting she finds a special joy. She values the strong feelings that can be evoked throughout the quilt-making process, and understands that what may be just fabric and thread to some, is much, much more.

  1. “2 + 2 = 4” Created by: Erica Page Johnson

For me, addition has always been easier than subtraction. This is my attempt at a two color minimal quilt for Season Evan’s workshop, but I couldn’t resist adding two more colors in the quilting.

  1. “Conversations About Art With Uncle Russell” Created by: Jonna Erickson-Outlaw

This quilt is my original design, based on the work of my great uncle Russell Day, for the guild’s 2017 Block of the Month program. The goal was to introduce basic appliqué techniques to the group in a modern, yet easily approachable way. It has been an absolute joy to see how other members embraced appliqué and put their own spin on the design.

  1. “#minimaldaysampler #seattlemqgbom2017 night rain” Created by:  Pamela J. Cole

I loved doing Jonna’s applique bom…it was so interesting to see how different each one grew…and I love how mine finished up looking like heavy pnw RAIN with the variegated thread on black.

  1. “2017 SEAMQG Block of the Month” Created by: Liz Litzler

This quilt was made as part of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Block of the Month sew-along in 2017. The unusual shapes, color choices, and quilting make this quilt more modern than traditional quilts, even though it is still made one block at a time.

  1. “SMQG BOM Abalone” Created by: Linda Kucera

Re-purposed linen and some shiny fabrics from a decorator’s sample book echo the textures of metal, stone, and glass in Jonna’s/Russell Day’s inspiration pieces. The streamlined design of the quilt blocks pulls mid-century-modern esthetic and traditional applique skills into the 21st century.

  1. “Jonna’s Russell Day” Created by: Anna Ganje
  2. “Minimal Day” Created by:  Debbie Jeske

“Minimal Day” was created after nearly a year participating in Seattle MQG‘s 2017 block-of-the-month, each block a lesson in needle-turn applique. Jonna/@bespokeoutlaw was our hostess, presenting a project inspired by two pieces of jewelry designed by her great uncle, Russell Day. I found it very compelling to create this quilt inspired by a real person’s designs in a very different medium. Note to self!

  1. “Minimal Day Sampler” Created by: Katie Sprugel

I chose to interpret the Seattle MQG 2017 Block of the Month in a Northwest palette, using greens and browns to highlight the key elements inspired by Russell Day’s art jewelry.

  1. “Folklife” Created by: Deborah Christensen

Quilted started in Earth Day 2017 “Up-cycle” class with Blair Stocker. Made from old jeans and some favorite Folklife t-shirts. Original improv design.

  1. “Glory in the Garden: Renewal” Created by: Linda Kucera

The central peacock, designed by Violet Craft, is hand-sewn with the English paper piecing method. Representing renewal, confidence, vision, and justice, the peacock deserved some significant borders and quilting. For Sale: Etsy: HomeWorkGoods

  1. “Pineapple Upset” Created by: Debbie Jeske

“Pineapple Upset” was made with three sizes of improvisational pineapple blocks – 20″ square, 10″ x 20″, and 10″ square. They were easily arranged in an orderly way, while still giving the quilt a very improvisational look and feel.

  1. “Favorite Color” Created by: Lotte Clark-Mahoney

My friend loves blue. The asymmetry of the construction and the pops of white in the predominate blue give it a modern look.

  1. “Run, Bunnies, Run” Created by: Bernice Harris

My quilt was created using six months of guidelines for the SMQG’s 2016 Block of the Month Quilt designed by our current guild president Matt Macomber.

  1. “CordeliaTwo” Created by: Judy C White

“CordeliaTwo” grew out of a much smaller project…two blocks made for a sewing machine cover for fellow guild-member Cordelia. The block is called ‘Traffic Jam’. I thought it would be fun to make the blocks explode and move around, like star clusters flickering in the night sky.

  1. “Wonky log cabin” Created by: Sheila Randall

Log cabin is my favorite pattern. I brought out all my solid scraps and just picked colors as I went. I had fun making this quilt. When I was all finished I had someone ask me if I wanted them to teach me how to sew them so they were nice a straight. I said no thank you, I like it like this.

  1. “Fort Snozzberry” Created by:  Stefanie Satterwhite
  1. “Happy Pinwheels!” Created by:  Elizabeth Gould

My quilting palette is enhanced by the bright fabrics designed by Marcia Derse, and the pattern by Laurie Shifrin. The vibrant colors make it a happy quilt, with movement, color, and symmetry.

  1. “Slice of life #2” Created by: Sheila Randall

I made a few sliced quilts and was asked to demonstrate how to do this. I asked a friend what to call my quilt and she said “a slice of life”. That became the name of a series I did. This one is all in solids and was quilted by a long armer.

  1. “Fried Zucchini” Created by:  Judy C White

‘Fried Zucchini’ is designed from the vintage ‘Drunkard’s Path’ block. I’ve never liked the traditional settings for Drunkard’s Path, and thought bright colors and patterns, set in circle or semi-circular random ways would be much more fun. The fabric selection started with the cream background fabric with green, blue and orange gears, and searching for non-feminine designs and textures to complement the ‘gears.’ The original idea was for my great nephew’s baby quilt, but this took a turn in a different direction and he has a fun goldfish quilt. The quilt top was made at a retreat with Material Girlfriends in California, where we had fried zucchini with onions and orange peppers for dinner…and Voila! Fried Zucchini was cooked!

  1. “Over the Bridge” Created by:  Lotte Clark-Mahoney

                        Homage to Seabeck Conference Center.

Thanks for taking a tour of our quilts.  See you in 2019!