Be a part of the Ballard Art Walk

One of our local quilt shops, Drygoods Design, is planning a grand opening for a retail shop. To celebrate the grand opening, Drygoods wants to merge quilting and the Ballard Art Walk on Saturday, April 14, 2012 by displaying quilt block art and is asking for submissions.

Here’s a bit of the details if you would like to be involved:

…please send me one quilt block you think others might love as something pretty, striking or moving to hang on the wall. It would be so fantastic to not only represent fabric as art but also my lovely customers, from Seattle and across the world.

Here are the quick details:
What to send: a sewn quilt block, size is up to you but more than five or six inches square is preferred
When: please send by April 6th so I have time to stretch it over canvas and prep it for the show
How: the easiest and least expensive (depending on the size and weight, probably around $2.50 from most U.S. addresses) method will be USPS First class mail.

The majority of any sale will go to the artist/sewist of the block. I will just cover costs.

Please contact Drygoods Design (hello at drygoodsdesignonline dot com) for more information.

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